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Wellness guide center offers several forms of integrated holistic treatments and health guidance

programs which include:

• Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss Programs
• Colon Cleanse and Holistic Enemas
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Sound Therapy
• Health assessments
• Homeopathic and Botanical Medicine
• Herbs and Supplements

Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss Programs

We specialize in improving digestion and the metabolic functions of the person first, such as removing microbes and parasites that can interfere with assimilation and absorption of nutrients from food. This will ensure a much better outcome and longer lasting health benefits. Diet and lifestyle are thoroughly evaluated and the diet most appropriate for that person and their biochemical need is recommended to prevent nutritional deficiencies.
In most cases herbs, homeopathics or vitamins are used no longer than a 2 or 3 month period. As the body is constantly looking for homeostasis(balance), adjustments in nutritional protocols, as a patient improves, is needed, sometimes every month until the health of a person is more stable. With these changes, the need for nutritional supplements constantly changes. Re-evaluation is extremely important at this point. We strive to bring a person through detoxification, then rebalance, and lastly, into a regeneration phase. Patients in a regeneration phase, especially those that travel from far, will typically need to be re-evaluated once or twice per year.

Colon Cleanse and Holistic Enemas

This is the procedure of cleansing and eradication toxins from the body through the colon. Specialized
equipment is used to gently cleanse the large intestine with warm filtered water and other natural
purification agents. This stimulates and increases the peristalsis (muscular contraction) of the colon.
Over 22 poisons have been identified in a toxic colon. Typical transit time (from the time the food
enters your stomach until the elimination of the stool) is supposed to be 12 to 24 hours. Average
transit time in the United States is 74 hours.

Poisons from the colon can:

• Weaken and stress the heart. Go to the skin and cause blemishes, paleness, psoriasis, liver
spots, wrinkles, and other facial conditions.
• Irritate the lungs and cause foul breath.
• Go to the brain and disturb mental function and cause senility
• Go to the joints and cause pain and stiffness
• Cause fatty degeneration of the liver

• Go to the muscles and cause weakness and excessive fatigue.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you most likely have a toxic colon and are at risk for a

degenerative condition:
• Constipation
• Stomach Bloating
• Body Odor
• Gas
• Flatulence
• Bad Breath
• Skin Problems
• High Cholesterol/Triglycerides
• Poor Digestion
• Weight Gain
• Loose Stool
• Depression
• Lower Back Pain

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is one of the oldest, most often performed, and time honored treatment of the body and tissues, removal of toxins and cleansing of the tissue spaces. Lymphatic Drainage removes blockages in the system and promotes optimal lymph flow. It can provide the perfect fluid environment for our cells. This procedure drains the tissue and relieves congestion, enhances lymph low, acts on the Autonomic nervous system, reduces sympathetic firing, thereby promoting relaxation, where ultimately, healing can occur. Lymphatic Drainage is also most effective in the relief of pain.

Scientific studies and years of clinical experience show that many conditions can benefit from Lymphatic
Drainage such as:
• Tendonitis
• Migraines
• Leg ulcers
• Chronic fatigue
• Scars
• Chronic pain
• Strengthens immune system
• Wounds
• Stretch marks
• Fibromyalgia
• Swelling during pregnancy
• Parkinson’s disease
• Neuralgia
• Reactions to toxins
• Edema


• Muscle tears
• Various breast conditions
• Fractures
• Tinnitus
• Stress reduction
• Tooth pain
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Allergies
• Acne
• Burns
• Emphysema
• Multiple sclerosis
• Scleroderma
• Neck pain
• Sprains
• Sinusitis
• Eczema

Health Assessments

Our health assessment is a set of questions, answered by clients, that asks about personal behaviors, risks, life-changing events, health goals and priorities, and overall health. The health assessments are usually structured screening and assessment tools used in primary care practices to help the wellness guide center team and client develop a plan of care. Health assessment information can also help the team understand the needs of its overall population of clients.

Some common health assessment questions ask about:

• Tobacco use.
• Stress.
• Healthy eating.
• Physical activity.
• Sexual practices.
• Sedentary behaviors such as sitting and watching TV or playing computer games.
• Alcohol usage.
• Addictive behaviors such as gambling or drug use.
• Violence, bullying or physical abuse.
• Depression or anxiety.
• Emotional and social support.
• Safety issues such as wearing a seat belt while driving.
• Overall health or well being.

Naturapathic and Botanical Medicine

Naturapathic and herbal medicine are both forms of natural medicine, and both use herbal extracts, but the mode of preparation, safety profile and indications are different. In addition, homeopathy uses other natural sources, such as mineral products, although the majority of the remedies are based on herbs and plants.

Pellets, tablets, creams or alcohol-based remedies are the most common forms of naturapathic medicines. Herbal remedies are available in a variety of forms, including extracts, essential oils, ointments, lotions, infusions, powders, syrups, tinctures and teas. Both naturapathic remedies and herbal products are available…

Ionic Foot Bath

An Electrical current passes through a set of plates in a module, the module is immersed in the water inside the foot bath. While your feet are in the water, positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This re-energizes the body, along with red blood cells. It eliminates toxins that are stored in fat,kidneys,liver,bowels, and skin. The foot bath also triggers the body’s lymphatic system, which helps with continued detoxification for up to 24-48 hours after the session.

A typical session lasts 30 minutes. During a session, people normally feel relaxed and may even fall asleep.
After your treatment, It is very important to drink a lot of water. This can help prevent feeling tired after such a cleansing experience.


  • Benefits of the Ionic Foot Bath
  • Purging of heavy metals
  • A more balanced PH
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Purging Yeast
  • Detoxifies the Liver
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Purifies the blood & Lymph
  • Liver, Kidney & Parasite cleansing
  • Increases oxygen in the body
  • Improves sleep

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. One of these therapies is music therapy , which can involve a person listening to music for
conditions such as stress and muscle tension. 

Music is one component of this therapy. Others use sound wave vibrations to treat physical and mental conditions. In general, this therapy is based on the theory that all of life vibrates, including people’s bodies. When a person’s healthy resonant frequency is out of balance, physical and emotional health is affected.

Treatment by sound waves is believed to restore that healthy balance to the body. Healing is done by transmitting beneficial sound to the affected area. The healing sound may be produced by a voice or an instrument such as electronic equipment, chanting bowls, or tuning forks.

Sound therapy focuses on balancing energy to treat a condition. Advocates maintain that sound therapy is effective in treating such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression , and autism. 

Physical conditions treated by sound therapy include pain during labor, muscle and joint pain like arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, soft tissue damage, and cancer.

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