Life Pack


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Are you coughing, do you have allergies, do you feel weak or achy, do you have a cold or flu, are you a former/current smoker, do you suffer from asthma/shortness of breath? Then we have the perfect solution!
The life pack is designed to clear the lungs of tar, excess mucus, and repair lung tissue damage. This package renews energy and clears blockages in the lymphatic system which reduces many types of inflammation that spring up in and on the body. The body needs oxygen to thrive and that’s what you get with this combination, a supercharged dose of oxygen that can help regenerate your system on a cellular level! The life pack is what we all need for a healthier living experience so get yours today and feel amazing and renewed… It’s easy, so take your life back with the life pack!
One month supply of:
Tea of life
Iodine Mineral Mix
Oxygen Remedy


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