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Jamye McAlister Rogers & Son Kylon

Human 2 Human Interview

… 5 pounds in 7 days! that is GREAT! 5 pounds in 7 days. That’s progress, I’m happy with my progress…

Oge Hamilton

… Overall I have lost 4 pounds. I’m very skinny- I mean VERY SKINNY! So, you know, 4 pounds isn’t a lot. I mean it may sound like a lot but it was all in my gut!

Brittnie Demosthene

… After one week of staying on the program, I saw results, like I lost a lot of weight. Most of the weight in my gut was gone, I kid you not! this was from following the diet that she gave. It was very detailed. She has a whole packet with recipes, Do’s & Don’ts, and its a lot of information people would pay thousands and thousands of dollars for but this is a really affordable program that I really, really enjoyed and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to be serious about their health…

Samuel David

… By us actually doing the enema it has changed us completely! We’re able to sleep better, we don’t have any problems sleeping through the night with a newborn baby. It’s actually been very phenomenal. We’ve been eating clean, not eating meat for 21 days, which we thought would be difficult but it hasn’t really! I actually recommend everyone to do this…

Nneka Nwajiaku

… Where do I start.. I’ve been plant based for 3 years now and within those years, I was still having issues like digesting my food I was still getting bloated when I eat certain foods and I was very uncomfortable. My stomach area was just feeling just bloated and everything was just, you know, was just STUCK! And then I met Cindy and she was telling me about the 30 day enema detox and I gave it a try and I can say within like a week or so I was feeling so much better! my stomach wasn’t bloated or heavy anymore. The pains I had in my back and sides were gone!..

Jane Ajuzie

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